Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who knew that work would get in the way?

I have gone back to work (very part time) but who knew that working 4 days a week would get in the way of everything else? I did know that I would need to prioritize all the other "stuff" but I didn't really expect to fall behind in all the other everyday things. Laundry for example.... or cooking..... but the biggest thing is MY CRAFTING. Seriously-I haven't done ANYTHING since Christmas. I hate it-I want to get my hands dirty.

Wait-I shouldn't say I haven't done anything-I have organized and moved tons of furniture around (again) and I guess I did make a new piece of art for my family room wall. Oh, and I did talk T into getting out the skill saw and cutting down our corner armoire so that was fun!

There is the corner armoire that T and I cut down-he couldn't believe that I would actually want to saw a piece of furniture! I do like that it dosn't feel so massive in this corner. Eventually I would like to paint it-I am such a "painted furniture" kind of gal. I also have big plans for the fireplace and mantle that involve tile and paint but don't tell T-he will be less than thrilled. He is of the mind set that you NEVER paint wood.
See the pair of lounge chairs? They are by Baker furniture-Baker builds WONDERFUL furniture-if you ever see it at a garage sale DO NOT PASS IT UP. Seriously-I found this pair of chairs for $30. UNBELIEVABLE! They do however have a blue flower print. Knowing the quality and the fantastic price I knew that I could either slipcover or reupholster them. I already have the fabric for all of them-now I just need the time and patience to do it.

Here is the way I rearranged the family room (this time) Sorry the photos are not the best- I think I like it like this (for now). Once things settle down a little I have a big sewing project to do. I need to make new slipcovers for my sofa and loveseat (I made these 13 years ago! I think they have done well, but now I am seeing the wear and tear that three kids and a dog do to furniture!)

Here is a close up of the "art" that I made for over the yellow chest. I used my Cricut and my Sure Cuts A Lot software (I LOVE IT!) I think this turned out great-just what I wanted.

I have not done anything new for etsy lately and that is bothering me. I need to make that a priority but for now kids and home are taking over. Time management and lots of lists are in my future!

Better get to work since it is my day "off".

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