Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Advnet Calendar, Set of Angels, and other Holiday Fun!

I have been very busy getting things ready for my etsy shop. Crazy busy in fact. I have wanted to start this blog for so long, but things just kept getting in the way. Well, today I am going to start! Here are some of the projects that I have or HAD in my etsy shop

This Advent Calendar was made out of a set of vintage alphabet blocks-you remember the kind we played with as children? They came in this little house-PERFECT! I covered each one with paper and decorated them-painted the house and antiqued it. I love this set! When you take the blocks out each day you can either place them back in the house with the decorated side showing, or you can set them out to display-each set of blocks spells a holiday sentiment.

You can see the sentiments or the blocks placed back in the house with the decorated side showing.

Another Advent Calendar-this one is made out of sheets of metal, and each button is numbered and has a magnet on the back-start with all the buttons "under" the tree on the skirt, then decorate the tree each day-on Christmas day place the vintage jewelry star on the top of the tree.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! These little beauties were pretty ugly when I found them. I knew I could make them beautiful! I removed their ugly corrigated metal wings, painted them a lovely satin nickel, then made wings out of Christmas music. Each Angel has a "gift" she is holding-they have each been glittered-what a lovely set of 6! I listed them on my etsy shop, then emailed Jen and Saralyn to take a look at them to see if the photos were ok-went back to check my shop and they had already sold! 15 minutes was all it took for someone to snach these beauties up.

Noel candle holders-these came to me as a set of white wood candle holders and I knew just what to do to make them lovely-I wrapped them in a graphic paper and cut the letters out of patterned paper-they are sealed with Mod Podge so they will last many years.

Years ago I purchased this beautiful picture frame, but never found a home for it. I knew I wanted the decorative glass to show from behind, so I covered chipboard letters with patterned paper and embellished them before attaching them to the front of the glass-it had just the right amount of sparkle!

Another one of my favorites- Peace on Earth with a dimensional dove. So peaceful-you can't see it on this photo, but it is hung with a metal chain and at the top is a vintage jewel-ADORABLE!

Well, I guess that is enough for now! I am working on more wonderful things-maybe later today I will have a sneak peak at what will be in my shop soon.