Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just call him "barfy"

My little guy is home sick today...poor little guy. We should have known that something was "up" when he went up to his room around 5 pm and fell asleep. Later he said his tummy hurt....uh oh. And then it started. So here I am at home when I am supposed to be at work. Little Guy is resting on the sofa and I am cleaning all surfaces. Sure hope this dosn't move on to the other two.

I would love to get something creative done today but I don't think it is in cards. Maybe it will be a day of rest-I know I could use it!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Fever and a little sneak peek at at my new favorite crafts!

Seriously...I need to get better at blogging. Work has really gotten in the way of our everyday life! That is both good and bad-love my job and the people I work with, but bad for my home! Today is going to be a great day...nice and warm for awhile before the rain starts. I am going to take advantage of the nice weather-open all the windows and air out this stuffy winter home and let spring in! Spring cleaning is on the plate today but first I want to share some of the crafts I finished while on my Scrapbook Weekend last month. Great friends, great food, a little wine, LOTS of laughs, and creativity...who could ask for a better weekend right?

Quick-what is my theme this spring?!

On another note: Operation Renovation at grandma and grandpa's is almost done-I didn't get "before" pictures because grandpa was already ripping and tearing before I got there, but the "after" photos are going to be GREAT! Can't wait to post them. T spent his ENTIRE spring break over there working-grandpa J came down to help and I did my fair share of demo-can't get enough of that kind of thing! When we are fully finished they will have two new bathrooms, new master bedroom, laundry/craft room and a new hallway----SO EXCITING!! Off to clean-have a great day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A day "off"...what's a girl to do?

I was "on call" for work today and just found out that I don't have to go in. What should I do for my day off? I have a ton of things that I should do, but I think I might like to do something creative....not sure what the day will bring but if I make something fun I will post a picture! have a great day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who knew that work would get in the way?

I have gone back to work (very part time) but who knew that working 4 days a week would get in the way of everything else? I did know that I would need to prioritize all the other "stuff" but I didn't really expect to fall behind in all the other everyday things. Laundry for example.... or cooking..... but the biggest thing is MY CRAFTING. Seriously-I haven't done ANYTHING since Christmas. I hate it-I want to get my hands dirty.

Wait-I shouldn't say I haven't done anything-I have organized and moved tons of furniture around (again) and I guess I did make a new piece of art for my family room wall. Oh, and I did talk T into getting out the skill saw and cutting down our corner armoire so that was fun!

There is the corner armoire that T and I cut down-he couldn't believe that I would actually want to saw a piece of furniture! I do like that it dosn't feel so massive in this corner. Eventually I would like to paint it-I am such a "painted furniture" kind of gal. I also have big plans for the fireplace and mantle that involve tile and paint but don't tell T-he will be less than thrilled. He is of the mind set that you NEVER paint wood.
See the pair of lounge chairs? They are by Baker furniture-Baker builds WONDERFUL furniture-if you ever see it at a garage sale DO NOT PASS IT UP. Seriously-I found this pair of chairs for $30. UNBELIEVABLE! They do however have a blue flower print. Knowing the quality and the fantastic price I knew that I could either slipcover or reupholster them. I already have the fabric for all of them-now I just need the time and patience to do it.

Here is the way I rearranged the family room (this time) Sorry the photos are not the best- I think I like it like this (for now). Once things settle down a little I have a big sewing project to do. I need to make new slipcovers for my sofa and loveseat (I made these 13 years ago! I think they have done well, but now I am seeing the wear and tear that three kids and a dog do to furniture!)

Here is a close up of the "art" that I made for over the yellow chest. I used my Cricut and my Sure Cuts A Lot software (I LOVE IT!) I think this turned out great-just what I wanted.

I have not done anything new for etsy lately and that is bothering me. I need to make that a priority but for now kids and home are taking over. Time management and lots of lists are in my future!

Better get to work since it is my day "off".

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year = new organizing!

Well we got back from "Up North" safe and sound. Tim and the kids were all off on "vacation" for the week (vacation? Not when you are the mom)Thursday we spent part of the day moving the furniture around in the MAN CAVE. Yesterday we spent the entire day moving furniture around in the bedrooms. Jake was first-we cleaned up his room then he wanted to move everything around-let me tell you-those wood "loft beds" with the dressers on the ends are HEAVY. Once done in there Josie decided it was her turn, then Jadyn wanted her's done too. NOW they all want us to paint their rooms-specifically Josie wants it to look like you are out in the woods, Jake wants his to look like the ocean and pirates, and Jadyn dosn't know what she wants exactly but it will have "somthing to do with a disco ball". OY.  Today I am gutting my office and reorganizing. It feels GREAT, but is pretty messy. I am afraid that there will also be furniture moving here too. I have a feeling Tim will be happy to get back to work on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We have been crazy busy getting everything ready for our big trip "Up North" and now that there is a foot of snow coming we have moved our travel plans FORWARD a day-needless to say we are a little rushed. I can't wait to sit by the fire with a glass of wine, play a little Gin with my mother-in-law, RELAX and enjoy the holiday. Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Baby it's COLD outside!
I just love this image from the old Frosty the snowman book.

Stay warm and have a great day!